Home is where your story begins

Comfortable, easy, stylish furniture sourced in the Midwest

Your world begins at home. It's your where you tell the story of you. Home equals respite and comfort. Our go to source for comfortable, easy, stylish furniture is right here in the Midwest. Norwalk Furniture, in Norwalk Ohio is a family of “locovores”, who source materials as close to home as possible. The local artisans employed there build furniture for generations of people. Not furniture for landfills.

More than half of the fabrics are crafted in America. Likewise, 70% of construction components used in the seating created are sourced within 8 hours of the factory. At Bayberry House Interiors we are doing our part to create healthy homes and environments by bringing you planet friendly, intelligent design. We bring you furnishings for your home which will bring you comfort, confidence and style. Design elements which are healthy for you and our planet are essential. Green and sustainable are core principals. We actively live these principals when introducing design products to your world. Your story deserves nothing less.