Home is where your story begins

Her Story

As long as I can remember, I've had a "photographic" memory of the places and spaces of life, and an intense curiosity about the stories of the people I've encountered along the way.  I suppose it's no coincidence I found myself the recipient of a BS in Psychology and a BAA in Interior Design by 1985.  

Then it was out into the world (but not too far out).  Much to my enjoyment, I found my first job in the design industry here in Historic Marshall, Michigan! To me, Marshall has always been the quintessential small town.  Known for it's hospitality, volunteer and entreprenurial spirit, and house proud attitude. 

Twenty nine years in, and every day is a new adventure in design and personal style!  I have worked with clients in Marshall, in neighboring communities, and cities throughout Michigan, and in Ohio, Indiana, Illonois, New Jersey, and Florida.

I partner with clients to define or merely "fine tune" their personal style. I also partner with a diverse group of manufacturers, talented contractors and fabricators who deliver distinctive handcrafted products and trusted installation know-how for every project.

We value the privilege we have to be invited into the homes and lives of our clients.  We  look forward to partnering with you to create your perfect space. 

Wishing you colorful living in style!


Janet Ostrum,
Interior Designer/Owner
Bayberry House Interiors